Create a future without code boundaries

Become a low/no-code specialist, no experience required! Employment guaranteed. 🚀 Pay in installments 💵, only after you're employed.

By 2030, over 60% of software will be produced using low-code/no-code tools, according to Gartner. Combine your existing programming experience with the utilization of low-code.

What is Nebu Academy?

Nebu Academy is where automation and low/no-code learning meets the future. Our offer is directed to those who want to delve into this technology, have the time, and are motivated to work.

Our mission is simple: prepare our students to work in a dynamically changing world of technology. We choose the most interesting candidates, focusing also on their current situation (the offer is also directed to immigrants, speaking Polish, English, and Ukrainian). We only demand motivation and English on at least B1 level.

We invest in their development, and our partners provide employment after completing the course.

Our partners

Our program is tailored to future challenges - we will not only teach you theory but also show you how to apply these skills in practice.

What Do We Do?



What is it?

Join the bootcamp, where you'll transform from a novice to an IT professional. Master the latest low-code/no-code technologies with us, essential for quick and efficient app development.


Low-code Summit (coming soon)

What is it?

An event bringing together enthusiasts, professionals, and pioneers of low-code technology. Explore, learn, and network with the best in the industry.

Are you ready for the future? Join us and become a part of the change in the IT world!

Sign up for our bootcamp today and take advantage of the opportunity. Utilize your potential and become an expert in the low/no-code field. Register, and we'll get back to you within 10 days.

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